Terry Newman

Terry Newman is a Creative Director / Designer with over 15 years’ experience in the digital arena, obsessed with the place where creative problem-solving and technology meet.

He thrives on groundbreaking ideas, executing them with highly-developed design skills and a deep empathy for the user experience.

Terry Newman is currently working, with a specific focus on digital products, platforms and marketing.

  • Creative Director

  • Creative Director

  • Senior Art Director

  • Art Director

  • Senior Designer

  • Mid-Level Designer

  • Niall Smart

    Niall Smart

    Chief Technology Officer

    “Terry did a stellar job crafting a new brand and identity we're really proud to wear.”

  • Viresh Chopra

    Viresh Chopra

    Chief Design Officer

    “Terry is a very talented Creative Director - His passion and dedication is incredible, his work of an exceptionally high standard, and his team often the hardest performing within the company.”

  • Brad Dixon

    Brad Dixon

    Creative Director
    Code and Theory, NY

    “Not only is Terry a talented creative, but he brings a wealth of technical understanding to solve complex design & technology problems.”

  • Suzannah Kerr

    Suzannah Kerr

    Senior HR Manager

    “Terry's a natural leader and a wonderful mentor. He has a wealth of knowledge and a positive & upbeat attitude, consistently producing the highest quality of work and staying cool in the most stressful situations.”